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Here's some essential inks for Unix SysAdmins and some tools we made up ...
*Perl: Script, programming and glue language
*Sendmail: Widely used email server
*Postfix: A better email server
*BIND: DNS Server
*Squid: HTTP and FTP Proxy Server
*Apache: Best Web Server
*MySQL: SQL Relational Database
*RPM: Package management on Linux
*FreeBSD Ports: Precompiled binaries for FreeBSD
*SunFreeWare: Precompiled binaries for Solaris
*Samba: Share printers and files better than Windows itself!
*SSH: The safe way to connect on the Internet
*xinetd: A better super-daemon
*autorpm: Keep a linux box up-to-date easy, fast and free
*How to GNU a Unix Host
*Unix Time Stamp
*Solaris Patch Return Codes
*man page for vi (for Solaris 8)
*A shell script to restart common system daemons for Solaris 8
*Chatsign is a set of perl scripts that use only CGI and javascript for online chatting between an operator for one or more domains and the public from just a link on any website.
*A shell script to tell you the subdirs of a dir you specify (defaults to current dir) and how much diskspace is used by each. dudirs is very handy when you want to reduce the space in a dir but dont know which subdirs are using it all. dudirs /var works well when you log file partition is overflowing!
*An updated version of Daniel Rich's sm.loggerThis perl program gives you a statistical breakdown of your email log file. All you might have to change in the script is your logfile location or system type.
*A sample .profile (for sh, and ksh) or .bash_profile (for bash)
*A sample .kshrc (for ksh) or .bashrc (for bash) with handy short aliases
*A couple of thousand manpages for Solaris 8 (sparc), perl and common programs
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