Books Recommended by SINS

At SINS we read quite a few books, we decided it might be good to start
sharing with you the books which have been helpful for us.

Currently we have books listed in the following areas:

Network and Systems Management
Title Author Publisher ISBN
Performance and Fault Management Paul L. Della Maggiora
Christopher E. Elliott
Robert L. Pavone, Jr.
Kent J. Phelps
James M. Thompson
Cisco Press 1-57870-180-5
"Communication Networks Management" Kornel Terplan Prentice Hall 0-13-156449-8
"Practical Planning for Network Growth" John Blommers Hewlett-Packard Proffessional Books 0-13-206111-2
Managing IP Networks for Cisco Routers   O'Reilly  
"SNMP SNMPv2 and RMON Practical Network Management Second Edition" William Stallings Addison Wesley 0-201-63479-1
The Art of Testinq Network Systems Robert W. Buchanan, Jr. Wiley 0-471-13223-3
Title Author Publisher ISBN
Learning Perl Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix O'Reilly  
Advanced Perl Programming Sriram Srinivasan O'Reilly 1-56592-220-4
Object Oriented Perl Damian Conway Manning Publications Co. 1884777791
Title Author Publisher ISBN
Internetworking with TCP/IP, Volume I, Principles, Protocols and Architure, Third Edition Douglas E. Comer Prentice Hall 0-13-216987-8
Frame Relay Networks Specifications & Implementations Uyless Black McGraw-Hill 0-07-005558-0
Interconnections - Bridges and Routers Radia Perlman Addison Wesley 0-201-56332-0
ATM solutions for enterprise internetworkng David Ginsburg Addison Wesley 0-201-87701-5