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NMISis an open source software project for network management. Providing useful capabilities and features for fault and performance management, and useful for many other aspects of network management.

NMIS8 is now available for download from
The web pages you find at SINS contain content produced by SINS.  We also have a collection of links and bookmarks to external content.  To make it easier we use Google for site searches. Please feel free to browse our pages and look at the content we have found to be useful.
SINS specialises in Inter-Networking and all the technologies that go along with it.  We provide information on Internetworking to allow our customers to get on with their Business.  Our primary areas of expertise lie in IP (Internet Protocol), Network Management, Cisco and the Internet. Now the Internet is a big thing but essentially it is made up of networking devices and hosts which SINS knows all about.
Our pages here talk a bit about how we can help you but our online reference section is available to help you to help yourself.  Please have a look.
Free Network Management Software NMIS (Network Management Information System) is available.  More information about the software is available at NMIS.
IP Subnetting can be difficult, designing an IP VLSM scheme. SINS has a tool to help IP Subnetting Tool Also two tables which may help are IP Subnetting and IP Subnetting Tables.
RFC 1876 Now NMIS assists with maintaining DNS LOC records RFC1876
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