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Last updated 18 January, 2002

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Markus Hoeschen Multi Thread Patch

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Markus Hoeschen Email on the patch, Advanced multi-threading patch for nmis.

NMIS 2.1 RC1 release

NMIS dev 2.1i tar.gz This is now one file with all the patching done. You still need the required perl libraries to be installed seperately but if you unpack this file it has all the files the same as the 2.0 production version does. 2.i uses the same file format as 2.0!

* 09 May 2002 - Sorting routines fixed, 2.1h supports plugins!ie. you can integrate anything to NMIS Dashboard,models support enhanced, Nortel support integrated, checkdata.pl scripts checks your formatting of csv files.

* 08 April 2002 - Fixed ^M's inserted by nmis/bin/change_perl_bin.pl

* 08 April 2002 - Fixed ^M's embedded in some files

* 08 April 2002 - Fixed permissions somewhat (YMMV)

* 08 April 2002 - Added bin/check4dos.pl a tool for checking if you have been infected with a bad case of the ^M's

Here is the Beta release of 2.1. Please do not install unless you are comfortable fiddling aroung. Install NMIS 2.0, then upzip these files over the top, then install as normal, you will have to fix file permissions. The conf file has LOTS of new things, and there are new policy files. I am pretty comfortable that it is ready for RC1 but recommend that you apply to a non production box. Note that it supports getting packets stats from interfaces which support it. So if you don't want to loose existing stats we will need to come up with a rrdtool fixing script. Just so it's clear - The data formats of the RRDtool databases are NOT COMPATIBLE with your existing 2.0 data!

Good Luck!

* change_perl_bin.pl -> fixes all the perl paths.
* Changed way Interfaces handled, no more memory problems and gets Windows2000!
* Fixed some general things.
* Added support for Perl SMTP support with Net::SNMP!
* Provides support for multiple sendmail servers (redundancy)
* Supports collection of additional interface stats.
        ifDescr, ifOperStatus, ifAdminStatus, 
        ifInOctets, ifInUcastPkts, ifInNUcastPkts, ifInDiscards, ifInErrors, 
        ifOutOctets, ifOutUcastPkts, ifOutNUcastPkts, ifOutDiscards, ifOutErrors
  Collection controled with configuration variable 
  $NMIS::config{int_stats} this is a regular expression which if matches the 
  ifType of the interface then collects additional info
* Implemented a device model system for adding support to new devices with less 
  code changes.  This works by defining index, nodeVendor, sysDescr, os, 
  nodeModel, nodeType, netType, supported in an file models.csv and then 
  comparing the devices nodeVendor and sysDescr against the file.  The 
  sysDescr in the models.csv is a regular expression, so multiple device 
  types can be defined easily in one entry.  Entries are processed in index 
  order allowing for more and less specific matching.
* Support for ifHCInOctets, ifHCOutOctets, ifHCInUcastPkts, ifHCOutUcastPkts 
  this is dependant on Model name, as not all SNMPv2c clients support them.  
  This will needed to be tested in the field as it is suspected that not all 
  of a model type will support this either, ie a 2600 and 3600 might not but 
  a 7200, 7500 and GSR do.
* Moved Interface rules to config as regular expressions.  So changing which 
  interfaces are collected or not and which interfaces send alerts or not is 
  now configurable.
* DNS feature now displays sysName if device name is an IP address.
* Thresholding supports packet statistics, NonUnicast, Discards and Errors
* Graphing enhancements, included Trent O'Callaghan's patches for more granular 
  time periods
* Added pulldowns for node and interface names, this means it is easier to graph
  different nodes and elements.
* Clicking on the graph image moves to the past or future or zooms in. Thanks to 
  some code hints from RRDTool contribs map.cgi and png.cgi from 
  james@type-this.com (Claus Norrbohm)
* Added absolute date input for graph start and end dates.
* Implemented David Gay's requirement for deactiving a node, ie keep a node in 
  nodes.csv but no collection done.
* Put EXPORT to CSV in graph, that is graph something, get the graph you like 
  then click on export to extract the stats!
* In a graph, clicking on the STATS button produces the normal stats for that 
  data set.
* The Export and STATS functions will greatly assist in analysing the STATS 
  which NMIS collects.  This information can be used to determine network 
  baselines and set more accurate thresholds.
* Added backupFile to func.pm and implemented in view.pl so that backup files 
  will be made as someone does edits.  This implements binary copy so can be 
  used to back/copy any file.
* Jim Norris requested that notification emails include interface descriptions 
  this is a config option.
* Added exception handling when loading the node list, will complete the 
  snmpport and delete any bad entries for "" nodes.
* Integrated Phil Reilly's Nortel patches
* Jim's Patches -> Many emails.
* SNPP support added, probably needs more work.
* Implemented thresholding policy system, threshold values are stored in a CSV 
  and each threshold check looks for specific then default matches for matching
  threshold policies.  6 levels of thresholds are available, Normal (implied), 
  Warning, Minor, Major, Critical and Fatal.  The means that thresholds can be 
  enabled for individual elements ie a particular node and interface or default 
  policies for all devices or groups of device by Role, Type, etc.
* Auto link file generation, type=links based on subnet addresses.

Packages required: